Paris, 19 March. Carole Gaillard, a member of Action Education’s Education For Women Now Campaign Committee, is setting up a Women in Wine Fund to support the NGO’s projects and ensure access to quality education for 3 million girls and women by 2025. A substantial commitment, indeed, mirroring her own professional career, long devoted to women’s causes.

When Action Education requested Carole Gaillard to join the Education For Women Now Campaign Committee, she jumped at the chance. Firmly convinced that education and knowledge enable people to live a life of dignity, she was proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with us. « I accepted without the slightest hesitation », said Carole. « The cause is a great one – truly magnificent, just and fundamental in my view: enabling more than 3 million women and girls around the world to have access to quality education by 2025. »

An enduring commitment

After being a teacher for several years, Carole Gaillard decided to become an entrepreneur and founded ChaisElles*, an event management and communication agency that puts women winegrowers in the spotlight.

An admirer of women who work in the world of wine – either because of a family inheritance or the desire for such a career, therefore starting from scratch – but always with boldness, tenacity and passion. They deserve recognition and are increasingly making a name for themselves in a still very male-dominated industry. 

Carole Gaillard has always been concerned about the place and cause of women and believes that far from being the prerogative of feminism alone, parity is a fundamental value, as are humaneness, sharing and solidarity.

That is why, while she is already a member of the Education For Women Now Campaign Committee, Carole, for whom generosity is much more than just a word, decided to set up the Women in Wine Fund in order to raise awareness among women in the wine industry about the cause of education, which is so dear to her because « their position today is the result of education, knowledge, work, meetings… » By promoting the Education For Women Now movement, but also by pledging to donate the funds raised through her online store‘s sales to Action Education, Carole’s support to Action Education’s projects is a more than welcome addition to our campaign! 

On behalf of Action Education’s staff, volunteers and our project’s participants, we thank Carole for her generous support.

ChaisElles website and online store:

*In English, Winery- could be translated by “Cell’Her”

Kristen Poels

Copyright: Nicolas Romain