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The L'Oréal Women's Fund was the first partner to support the Education For Women Now campaign with its first financial commitment in 2021 to implement four Action Education projects in Madagascar, India, Senegal and Laos. This support is part of the L'Oréal Women's Fund, a €50 million philanthropic endowment fund to support grassroots and community-based associations that accompany women in vulnerable situations. 

This financial support has enabled Action Education to take action by supporting girls and women from early childhood to adulthood, developing vocational training and entrepreneurship for women in Laos, addressing gender discrimination still embedded in the rural school system in Senegal, supporting adolescent girls and young mothers in Madagascar, and providing education and psychosocial support to vulnerable and marginalized girls in India.

In 2022, support was renewed for new projects in Benin, Togo, and Burkina Faso that focus on improving the quality of education.

The new projects supported are mainly based on infrastructure, including separate latrines to prevent school dropout during menstruation periods, but also on special monitoring of girls, their valorization through participation in school governments and awareness of gender inequalities and the theme of menstruation.

The L'Oréal Women's Fund's commitment to supporting vulnerable women, particularly those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and its social and economic consequences, is consistent with Action Education's focus on using education as a solution to reduce the long-term inequities exacerbated by the pandemic.

As independent technical consultants, Möbius Energies advises the top management of leaders in the renewable energy and environmental engineering sectors on major projects.

Möbius Energies' vision is of a world where the fight against climate change is the main objective of development and international cooperation


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In developing countries, women and girls bear the brunt of climate change, which amplifies gender inequalities and poses an unprecedented threat to their livelihoods, health and security. Women are more dependent on natural resources, but have less access to them. In many areas, women bear a disproportionate responsibility for the provision of food, water, and fuel. The combination of gender inequality and the climate crisis represents one of the greatest challenges of our time.

Education is a key means of addressing gender inequality, but also climate change, as it helps people understand and address the effects of the climate crisis, equipping them with the knowledge, skills, values and attitudes they need to become agents of change. 

Möbius Energies is committed to supporting Action Education's global campaign "Education For Women Now", which aims to provide more than 3 million of the most vulnerable and marginalized girls and women with access to quality education in Africa, Asia and Europe. By promoting access to education, especially for the poorest, Möbius Energies is promoting the leading role of education in addressing gender inequality and in providing access to knowledge and empowerment to inspire and support action on climate change mitigation. 



As a long-time partner of Action Education, the L'OCCITANE Foundation supports the "Education For Women Now" campaign and more specifically the SCOLFILLES project in Burkina-Faso, which promotes access to and retention in elementary school for 2,000 girls from particularly disadvantaged or displaced families (due to the socio-political and security situation in the country), orphans, or girls living with a mild disability, in the Ziro and Sissili provinces, in the country's central-western region.

In this region in particular, many perceptions and practices are not conducive to girls' academic success. These include the lack of consideration for the importance of girls' schooling, the persistence of certain traditional practices such as dotes and abductions, the low level of self-esteem among girls, the persistence of gender-based violence in communities and schools, and the lack of consideration for the specific problems inherent in girls' status (early marriage, genital mutilation, etc.).

Thanks to the partnership with the L'OCCITANE Foundation, Action Education specifically supports girls of school age, girls at risk of dropping out of school and older girls who are not in school or who dropped out early. It also enables Action Education to cover the costs of schooling, including annual fees, supplies, etc., and to provide food for girls in schools through support for the operation of school canteens.

The L'OCCITANE Foundation, created in 2006, is committed to promoting the independence of girls and women in Burkina Faso by supporting their education and emancipation as well as their entrepreneurial projects.


To enable women to become autonomous and make decisions within their households, Action Education promotes their emancipation by offering them technical training and psycho-social support. 

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The FORSELF project (Formation au Service du Leadership Féminin) is the result of a partnership between Action Education and the Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie (OIF) through the "La Francophonie avec ELLES" fund. It enables 30 women in Burkina Faso who have been deprived of education to learn a trade and to engage in income-generating activities. 

In Burkina Faso, a number of obstacles prevent women from accessing entrepreneurship and thus from playing a full role in society. A low level of education and qualification, a high illiteracy rate, difficulties in accessing credit, family or socio-cultural constraints... There are many obstacles to the economic emancipation of women. 

 The Fund aims to give women and girls the means to recover with dignity from the health crisis and to face the next one by strengthening their access to economic development, education and health, and by protecting them against all forms of violence that prevent and constrain them. This solidarity mechanism consists of financing and accompanying project leaders whose actions are aimed at vulnerable women, particularly those who find themselves at the intersection of several forms of discrimination (young women, elderly women, migrant and refugee women, girl-mothers and single mothers, women living with HIV-AIDS, women with disabilities, etc.).


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