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To enable women to become autonomous and make decisions within their households, Action Education promotes their emancipation by offering them technical training and psychosocial support. More than 400 women in Burkina Faso will be trained in this way as part of the Forself project, which is now being carried out with the support of the Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie. 

With Action Education's FORSELF project, I took several training courses: hairdressing, beauty care, customer service. The project was a great support because thanks to the support I received, I opened my own hairdressing salon, where I also sell perfumes, earrings and clothes. I hope that in a short time my hair salon will be well known. "Ivonne, one of the first women to benefit from Forself in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, explains. This socio-professional integration and training project developed by Action Education aims to train 400 illiterate women who wish to develop an existing small business. It offers various training courses, including literacy, marketing and female entrepreneurship, and provides skills and know-how in just a few months. 

Facilitating women's access to the labor market

At Action Education, we are indeed convinced that the economic empowerment of women is essential, that it gives them the means to act and to take part in tomorrow's society. However, facilitating women's access to the labor market is not an easy path: because of their experiences, they often lack self-confidence and create psychological barriers or physical limitations to their aspirations. In addition to technical training, the young women receive support from our teams as well as personal coaching to give them confidence and the desire to act. The project also works on the acceptance by the communities of the development of women's work. 


Develop entrepreneurship and be independent


I never went to school and I got married very young. I had 4 children but I didn't want to spend my life doing housework or depending on my husband," explains Adele. "Through the Forself program, I was trained in a dry cleaner and learned a lot of technical things as well as marketing and leadership. I received a tablet and a grant of 436,000 FCFA from the town hall, which allowed me to buy a solar cooker, an electric iron, basins, buckets, a cupboard to store clothes and a bench. Today, I earn a good living and I have recruited and trained three other people. I am very proud of this. ", adds Adele. " The Forself project helped me learn to read and write. Then, thanks to the network and the funding provided by the project, my weaving business grew. I recruited and trained three of my cousins and I built a shed at home to install the looms, so we can work even when it rains. ", explains Adabna Zio. " I work with three cousins and four women in Ouagadougou. I was even able to install two looms in my village that two former collaborators use. I receive the orders, I provide the raw materials and I distribute the work. Each one earns her own money and I am satisfied with the profitability of my activity. I can now contribute to the family expenses, in particular to pay the schooling of our three children, etc. ". In total, more than 30 women have seen their lives changed during the first two years of the project. On December 21, 2021, Action Education, with the support of the Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie (OIF), officially launched the second phase of the project, which will train another 30 women in the city of Ouagadougou.