Are you a company or foundation looking to make a commitment to women's education?

Become an agent of change by supporting Education For Women Now, Action Education's global campaign to enable more than 3 million girls and women to have access to quality education in Africa, Asia and Europe.

Mobilize yourself and put girls' and women's education at the heart of your CSR strategy !


Why support girls' education with our association?

Action Education is a development through education association, which ensures access to quality education for the most vulnerable and marginalized populations, especially children, girls and women.

For more than 40 years, Action Education has worked with a wide variety of partners: private companies, public organizations, institutions, foundations...

Our association is present in 20 countries around the world, in Africa, Asia and Europe. We implement tailor-made partnerships, combining our projects with the geographical and thematic interests of our partners. The partnership can take different forms (financial sponsorship, salary rounding, collection...).

Our team will work with you to build a partnership adapted to your needs.

Funding the Education For Women Now campaign means :

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Engage your company or foundation in a responsible and supportive approach with a concrete and measurable impact on the field.

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Contribute up to your budget in favor of a meaningful project to offer a better future to women and girls

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Receive a quarterly newsletter dedicated to companies and foundations with campaign news and regular progress reports.

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Make your generosity visible (logo of your company or foundation on our website, other communication benefits to be discussed).

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Benefit from a tax reduction of 60 % of the amount of the donation within the limit of 0.5 % of your annual turnover excluding tax.

Action Education is a registered charity and a member of CHS Alliance. External and internal controls guarantee the proper use of our funds.

Why is education for girls and women important? 

Girls and women, confronted from birth with multiple discriminations and violence, are at the top of the list. the vulnerability pyramid.

While today many studies show that women contribute more than men to the development of our societies, twice as many girls as boys still do not have access to elementary school in developing countries.

A girl deprived of an education is deprived of her fundamental rights. She is relegated to household chores, exposed to early pregnancy and marriage, and to dependency.

The empowerment of girls and women is a key lever for accelerating sustainable development and building a more resilient and peaceful world.

Education is a weapon of mass peace.

Nelson Mandela spoke of education as the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world. Let's put it in the hands of girls and women because they are the ones who will change the world.

of adults are illiterate and 2/3 are women (UNESCO)

of girls in the world are not in school (UNESCO)

of young girls are married early (UNESCO)

of girls, aged 15 to 19, give birth to a child (UNESCO)

Some examples of the impact of our programs

Each year, through our programs in Africa, Asia and Europe, we help more than one million women and girls to unlock their potential and build a better future. We know that education is the best way to transform lives and ensure peace and social and economic stability in marginalized communities.

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In Burkina Faso

Socio-cultural barriers hinder girls' access to education.

Through the SCOLFILLE ("Scolarisation des Filles") program, we enable 1,872 girls aged 9 to 13 to return to school.

This project is based on the establishment of bridging classes in public elementary school. After a year of accelerated learning, the participants return to the mainstream education system to continue their studies.


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In Laos

Gender disparities are reflected in upper secondary education, where girls' attendance is only 63%. Among ethnic minority groups, girls are further discriminated against and experience early marriage and unwanted pregnancies. Through our WOMEN'S ENTREPRENEURSHIP program, we are creating employment or entrepreneurial opportunities for 860 ethnic minority Laotian women living in rural areas to build their professional capacity.


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Aide et Action/Action Education is a non-profit organization (SIRET n°322 624 206 00056 and RNA n°W751056236), authorized to receive donations as well as bequests, life insurance and gifts, without any transfer fees. Each donation is eligible for a tax reduction equal to 60% of the amount of the donation within the limit of 0.5 % of the annual turnover excluding tax.

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