Journalist and Director of TV5MONDE Africa, the renowned French-speaking television channel, Denise Epoté is co-chair of the « Education For Women Now » Campaign Committee. Her commitment by our side is a source of strength and pride.

A true figurehead of French and African television, Denise Epoté is a journalist who heads the Africa department of TV5MONDE. She was the first journalist to present news in French on Cameroon’s national public television channel.

Since the beginning of her career, Denise has received numerous distinctions, including the Legion of Honour in France, and she has been honoured as an Officer of Arts and Letters in Burkina Faso, an Officer of National Merit in Cameroon and a Knight of the Order of the Lion in Senegal.

Determination and success

This is why her commitment as co-chair of the « Education For Women Now » Campaign Committee is a real source of pride for us! Launched by Action Education in January 2021, the campaign aims at enabling 3 million girls and women, among the most vulnerable and marginalised, to finally have access to quality education in Africa, Asia and Europe by 2025. Denise is a role model for many girls. « I support the Education For Women Now campaign because for thousands of girls, education is a passport to life, » says Denise Epoté. « It is said that to educate a woman is to educate a nation, so if we want citizens who are aware of their rights and duties, let us ensure quality education for the girl child. Education is insurance for a better world. « 

There is no doubt that this woman, already ranked among the hundred most influential personalities on the African continent, will successfully carry our campaign for women’s and girls’ education! « Nelson Mandela spoke of education as the most powerful weapon. Education is a weapon of mass construction. Let us put it in the hands of girls and women, because they are the ones who will change the world, » she concludes.

Kristen Poels