Paris, 29 March. Carole Da Silva, “Women & Power, 12 Keys To Success”* book’s author and member of Action Education’s Education for Women Now Campaign Committee, will donate one Euro per book sold  to support this movement for women. Just another mark of generosity and commitment for this powerful woman, who was honoured with the title of Chevalier de l’Ordre National du Mérite (Knight of the French National Order of Merit) by President Emmanuel Macron.

Passionate about women’s empowerment, Carole Da Silva is a journalist, author, host and producer of the programme Femme & Pouvoir (Women & Power), which promotes multicultural diversity and women’s leadership for a more just and inclusive society.

Femme & Pouvoir offers short programmes, testimonies, talk shows and documentary films in an entertaining and educational way. Carole Da Silva gives a voice to women of power and influence, from all cultural communities, who share their experience of how they exercise and use power and how they view their responsibilities towards the new generations. Through this medium, Carole Da Silva raises girls’ awareness on gender inequalities and on jobs usually reserved for boys. She also gives a voice to men on these different social issues.

In continuation of her work, Carole has recently published a book entitled “Women & Power, 12 Keys To Success”* wherein she invites each woman to find her own key to open the door to her success in a way that meets her aspirations. Carole Da Silva has used over 200 testimonies gathered on her programme Femme & Pouvoir to come up with the portraits of the 12 women featured in her book.

Commitments and shared values 

« I hope that at least one of these 12 keys will inspire you to find your own », Carole tells women. « Once you find the key to your dreams, nothing can stop you and the world will be forever grateful. This is a message for all women […]. It is very much in line with the commitments of « Education for Women Now », and it is a cause close to my heart. »

It was with deep-seated and obvious conviction that Carole responded to Action Education when she was asked to join the « Education for Women Now » Campaign Committee.

In addition to her role in the Committee, Carole has expressed her wish to donate 1 Euro from each book sold to contribute to the movement.

To buy her book and support Education For Women Now campaign: click here.

*(Femme & Pouvoir, 12 clés de succès

Kristen Poels