Stephenie Foster, member of the Education For Women Now Campaign Committee, has just released her book,Take Action: Fighting for Women and Girls. This is a toolkit, for any individual, looking to either engage in activism on a grand scale or on a more individual level. All of these actions – large and small – make a difference in changing the culture and recognizing the rights and power of women and girls.  Everyone has a voice and a comfort level in how they use it. Targeted towards women in their 20s-30s and providing a step by step guide on issues such as education, economic opportunity, gender based violence and political action, anyone championing for women’s equality will gain insight from it. 

In her book, Stephenie writes “Ensuring that girls everywhere start school and complete their education is as close to a silver bullet as we have to create prosperous, stable, and sustainable communities and countries.” Furthermore, she continues, “Keeping girls in school helps eradicate poverty, leads to economic prosperity and growth, and builds stronger and healthier families.”

Stephenie Foster highlights Aide-et-Action as a great resource and an agent of change in the fight for women and girls. This Giving Tuesday, November 30th, Stephenie will be donating 50% of online book sales back to Aide-et-Action. Stephenie also promotes the #Fight4Women Campaign whose goal is to highlight more than 2,000 actions taken towards supporting women and girls. Thanks to her for her commitment and support.

By Kristen Poels